We’re international! HBC not only offers the highest level of academic study; we are also proud of our international program! Whether a semester abroad, an internship abroad or an international Bachelor's Degree – we give you the option of studying in an international environment with flexibility and ease.

Your benefits? You learn new languages, cultures and people. But you also gain insight into an entirely new university landscape and a wholly different daily routine. All of this not only broadens your horizons, it also helps you develop the personal and social skills you need for your professional career!

You want to profit from HBC’s know-how? Get to know the region between Munich, Stuttgart and Zurich? Be part of HBC? Then come to Biberach as an exchange student and gain unique experiences with us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Join our international studies program now!

In this video, we take you on a journey through Biberach University and its premises. Enjoy the virtual tour!

Drawing room, laboratories and e-scooter fleet: A guided tour of the campus of Biberach University

You want to do your semester abroad in Biberach? Here you can find information for incoming students:

Select the International Bachelor's Degree Studies Model and spend one semester at one of our partner universities and one semester interning abroad.

You can select the lectures you wish to attend during the semester you spend studying abroad independently of your major at the Biberach University of Applied Sciences. This gives you the option of taking part in interdisciplinary studies.

Experience what it is like to work in an international team during your practical semester abroad. The ideal way to prepare for a future career in an international setting.

Additional benefits of the International Bachelor`s Degree:

  • Additional courses: Foreign languages, English-language lectures, intercultural training, mentoring program and workshop
  • Deepen and/or broaden your knowledge during the study semester
  • Apply knowledge and skills in the real world and gain international team experience during the practical semester
  • Improve foreign language skills
  • Learn and expand soft skills
  • Enhance your CV
  • Benefit from international networking
  • Prescribed period of study of 8 semesters with 240 ECTS credits

You do not need to apply for the Bachelor International during registration but at the end of your second semester. This gives you time to grow accustomed to the university and your studies before making a choice.

Application Deadlines

Be sure to apply in time!

The application deadline for the winter semester is February 28

The application deadline for the following summer semester is August 31

Special deadline for the California State program

The application deadline for the following winter semester is November 15

The application deadline for the following summer semester is May 15

Gain initial career experience abroad! Of course, you can also perform your compulsory internship abroad.

Find your own internship position. The Internship Office for your degree program is your contact for any questions you may have about internships.

Biberach University offers a broad selection of English Lectures and Summer Schools in various disciplines.


supports students who intend to complete a study semester at our partner universities or an internship abroad within the European Erasmus+ programme countries

Baden-Wuerttemberg scholarship

supports students wo intend to complete a study semester at our partner universities located in the non-European countries


supports students who intend to complete a study semester as a freemover, an internship or specialized courses abroad.

funded by:

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Still have questions? Our International Office is happy to advise and assist you!