We’re international! HBC not only offers the highest level of academic study; we are also proud of our various international programs! Whether a study semester abroad, an internship abroad or the Bachelor International – we give you the option of studying in an international environment with flexibility and ease.

Your benefits? You learn new languages, cultures and people. But you also gain insight into an entirely new university landscape and a wholly different daily routine. All of this not only broadens your horizons, it also helps you develop the personal and social skills you need for your professional career!

Are you interested in studying abroad? We offer study programmes in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada and the USA. Find out more about our partner universities all over the world! 

International experience is one of the key skills on the labour market. Anyone observing the job market will quickly realise that foreign language skills and experience abroad are the must-haves in job advertisements. Biberach University of Applied Sciences has responded to this and offers all Bachelor students the opportunity to study abroad for a year as part of the Bachelor International programme.

By combining a study and internship semester abroad, students gain valuable international experience in theory and practice and acquire important intercultural skills in addition to foreign language skills. The study semester abroad allows students to deepen their specialisation or choose additional specialisations and thus gain interdisciplinary qualifications. During the internship semester abroad, students work in an international team and are prepared for their future careers in an international environment.

Studienverlauf Bachelor International

Abbildung: Studienverlauf Bachelor International

You can also go abroad as freemover. Freemovers are students who study at universities abroad that are not partner universities of our university. Accordingly, freemovers are not tied to partner universities, but can study worldwide, provided they fulfil the relevant requirements of the university in question. Depending on the university and country, high tuition fees may apply. A study visit as a freemover must be organised completely independently. If you are planning to study abroad as a freemover you should first check the website of the target university abroad and then contact the International Office there.

As a student you can gain exciting professional experience at an early stage by completing an internship semester abroad. An internship semester abroad also offers numerous advantages: you are prepared for the international working world, make new contacts and immerse themselves intensively in the culture and life in another country. In addition to gaining professional experience, you not only optimise your foreign language skills, but also acquire valuable intercultural skills. And you are guaranteed to score points with every job application!

An internship semester abroad is generally possible worldwide. Extensive research, intensive preparation and good time management are very important. You should start planning about six months to a year in advance so that, in addition to looking for a job, you can also take care of international insurance, accommodation, travel and, if necessary, a visa.

Anyone who keeps a close eye on the job market knows that experience abroad and foreign language skills are among the basic requirements for success on the labour market these days.