Investigation and development of innovative, overall concepts for the production of sustainable products from biological resources.

Our focus is on valorisation of substances that are already in the production loop. In various projects we are currently working on upgrading waste streams of numerous industries, namely food&feed and pulp&paper. Methods are chemical as well as biotechnological explicitly marine biotechnology, always taking aspects as recycling, sustainability or reuse in existing industrial processes in account.

The research group hosts master's and bachelor's students and thus offers an innovative opportunity for students to work on company-related projects and gain initial experience. We cooperate with national as international industrial partners and academic laboratories.

Projects in overview:

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  • Brauer, E. Bottenbruch, B., Frühwirth, H., Analysis and Optimization of Alternative Production Methods for the Aromatic Compound Vanillin, ECCE/ECAB  Engineering the Future Dechema conference, online, 20.-23.09.2021
  • Lali F., Güttel R., Bottenbruch B. Frühwirth H., Model based study of dehydration of Xylose to Furfural, Annual Meeting on Reaction Engineering2021 DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28224.46080
  • Frühwirth, H. Potential Usage of Microalgae for Dietary Supplement; International Conference on Agriculture and Life Sciences Retouching Strategy for Exploring Potency of Industrial Crops for Health in Adapting to The New Normal Era”; Jember, Indonesien, 7.10.2020
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